Meetings & Events

Powderhorn provides a gorgeous setting for meetings, events and your once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience. 

Goldenwoods Condos can provide accommodations for your entire wedding party and out-of-town guests. Our spacious condominiums provide the perfect environment for your group.

Group Discount

Goldenwoods Condos offers a 20% discount to 10 or more people.

Additionally, for any wedding party that books 10 or more rooms, the bride and groom will receive their wedding night free.

48350 Powderhorn Rd
PO Box 430
Mesa,CO 81643
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Phone: (970) 268-5040
Fax: (970) 459-8003

We received 2 inches of snow over night and are expected a big storm on Saturday! Thank you Mother Nature! Keep on doing your snow dances! 🌬🌨❄️🌧

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We are making as much snow as we can but we sure could use some help from Mother Nature! Everyone start doing their snow dance! ❄️🌧🌨🌬💨

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